BEHOLD, the two-tiered fact-checking system designed to deceive America

In the Age of Trump, “fact-checking” has become second nature to the lying mainstream media (MSM). Fake controversies abound over pretty much every nuanced statement that the President has ever made, as fake news outlets everywhere desperately try to paint him as a chronic liar in order to reiterate the make-believe fantasies that these same news charlatans previously programmed into the minds of their Trump-hating cultists. But where were these same “fact-checkers” during previous presidencies, including during 44’s eight-year reign of lies?

Following President Trump’s recent State of the Union (SOTU) address, the fake news brigade was quick to “fact-check” all sorts of things that the President said – in the process revealing that many of these loons don’t even know what fact-checking actually means. Politico, for instance, took aim at a statement that President Trump made about the number of sexual assaults that take place at the southern border, declaring that number to be only “partly true” because it was technically off by about a one-percent statistical variance.

President Trump declared during his talk that “one in three women” who crosses into the United States illegally is sexually assaulted – to which Politico responded, “Not so fast – Drumpf,” followed by a “correction” stating that it’s actually 31 percent of women, rather than 33.333 percent of women, based on data contained in a 2017 Doctors Without Borders report.

Or how about The New York Times, which somehow decided that President Trump’s statements about there being “an urgent national crisis” at the southern border as patently “false” because the Times personally feels as though there isn’t a crisis. This subjective feeling by the Times, based on the fact that illegal border crossings have been declining, is completely subjective and has nothing to do with facts – but that didn’t stop this opinion from making it into the paper’s “fact check” of the SOTU.

Neither NPR nor The Washington Post have any clue what it actually means to fact-check

NPR‘s “fact check” is perhaps the most ridiculous of all, as the publicly-funded news outlet of “the people” decided that it didn’t like the fact that President Trump congratulated the record number of women in Congress. NPR tried to claim that the President was taking credit for all these new women in Congress, even though the words that actually came out of his mouth were entirely neutral, and simply congratulatory.

And then we have the ever-lying Washington Post, which tried to claim that President Trump was spreading “misinformation” by explaining that the new legislation passed in New York will allow for babies “to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth.”

Post reporter Meg Kelly’s “fact check” of these statements veered off into a rant about how most abortions supposedly aren’t late-term, and that the President was lying – even though he never once made any statement towards this end, and was simply explaining that the evil procedure is now legal in the Empire State.

“This isn’t a ‘fact check,'” reveals “Trump didn’t take credit for the number of women in Congress whatsoever.”

Even David Harsani from the New York Post, an often Left-leaning news outlet, admitted that all of this phony “fact-checking” by these MSM fake news outlets just exposes them as simply having an anti-Trump agenda – with no legitimate concern for facts or truth.

“If media wants to challenge the context and politics of Republican arguments, that’s their prerogative. There are plenty of legitimately misleading statements worthy of fact-checkers’ attention,” Harsanyi writes.

“Yet, with a veneer of impartiality, fact-checkers often engage in a uniquely dishonest style of partisanship. And State of Union coverage gave us an abundance of examples of how they do it.”

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