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Remember before Edward Snowden revealed that NSA was spying on every single American, recording and data-basing all phone calls, emails, and social media posts via their “PRISM,” that if you said the U.S. Government was unconstitutionally violating the privacy of all Americans, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist by CNN? Remember that? Now, after two-and-a-half years of CNN plastering headlines right and left about a Trump/Russia collusion to fix the 2016 election, they have not one shred of evidence or proof, and so we now see who the conspiracy theorists really are. It’s the Conspiracy News Network, starring Wolf “Fake News” Blitzer and Anderson “Blue Screen” Cooper.

Well, let’s dial it back just a bit. And just like on September 11th, 2001, the official story was that two planes crashed into two buildings and the burning jet fuel melted them to the ground, but then at 5:00 p.m., another skyscraper was brought down by planned demolition. How could anyone have set up building 7’s demolition, if nobody knew about 9/11 ahead of time?

The so-called “conspiracy theorists” ending up PROVING that there was no way an office fire could bring down a 50-story building demolition style, and later on hundreds of honest architects and engineers gathered their wits and attested that all three buildings could not possibly have fallen from burning jet fuel or mere office fires. So what the heck is going on in this country then?

That’s easy to answer. The news is scripted and CNN, the 24/7 Conspiracy News Network, has the master playbook, and it’s being read straight off the teleprompters by their “presstitutes” and fraudster journo-terrorists.

Watch as building 7 collapses in on its own perfect footprint, demolition style on 9/11/2001. Notice they were told to “pull it,” which is a term only used for demolition when it’s time to ignite the dynamite.

This all relates to your health, believe it or not

Sure, you’re probably asking yourself how CNN’s propaganda, hoaxes, and outright staged lies relate to your health, since you’re reading Natural News right now. Here’s how. Once you recognize some of the world’s biggest conspiracies, you can appreciate others that you may have been doubting, or are just not 100% convinced otherwise, yet. You see, the food and medicine industries are just as corrupt as the Conspiracy News Network, and want to rob you of your health and money, just the same.

Here’s the conspiracy formula. When real events happen that don’t matter much to the narrative that the Conspiracy News Network always spins, then they deliver to you the facts as they come, with no twists and plenty of sordid details, like if someone gets attacked by a tiger or a swarm of bees. That way, the news seems real on all counts. Then comes the fake news, twisted news, staged hate crimes, hoaxes, and propaganda that fuels their flames, gets them ratings, and keeps you, the viewer and consumer, in the dark about the truth.

That is fake news. That news is presented in a twisted, distorted, demented way that only gives you part of the story, the part they want you to get emotional about (think Covington Catholic School teen boy in MAGA hat here). All the rest is left out, changed, or simply censored by all mainstream “lamestream” media, including social media.

So when you hear on the Conspiracy News Network (also now known as the Communist News Network) that canola oil is good for your heart, or that fluoride is good for your teeth, or that chemotherapy is a valid choice for fighting cancer, that’s when you know you’re listening to conspiracy theories. And when you hear on the Conspiracy News Network that illegal immigrants are never gang members, rapists, pedophiles, or sick with infectious diseases, that’s when you know you are listening to conspiracy theories. Or when you hear that vaccines are “safe and effective,” you know it’s a big lie. When they tell you that you need a flu shot, it’s a conspiracy to make you sick.

The network that lies to you about everything else that matters is certainly lying to you when it comes to your health and safety. When the Conspiracy News Network tells you that “safe zones” are working and that we need them all over America, you know that too is a conspiracy. In fact, 98 percent of all mass shootings target “gun-free zones” that were created by the lying, conspiracy-wielding liberals themselves.

Mainstream media is one huge conspiracy theory hub now, and it’s been proven time and time again

From the liars at the Bret Kavanaugh hearing to the Jussie Smollett “Chicago lynching” hate crime hoax, and from AOC’s conspiracy theories and “Green Moron Deal” that promises train tracks across the Pacific Ocean, we know for sure that mainstream media, the tech giants that rule social media, Bill Gates and Apple, the liberal extremists, the Democrat Death Cult, and the Conspiracy News Network are all working together to destroy the Republic and the Constitution.

Even the “conspiracy theory” of chem-trails has been proven to be true. Scientists now not only admit it, but want to use chem-trails to “save the world” from global warming by spraying our skies with chemicals. The conspiracy theorists of yesteryear were right. Mainstream media is fake news. Our intelligent and considerate President points it out almost every day. Trump’s been right on point with almost everything he’s called out since day one.

Folks, all false flag events ARE fabricated conspiracy theories propagated and perpetuated by the Conspiracy News Network. That includes global warming (now renamed “climate change”) and the entire Trump-Russia collusion lie. Tune in to for updates on real breaking news and how you can help defend our health and safety in this country from the tyrants that write the script for the Conspiracy News Network known as CNN. Also visit, where real news videos are posted for real people to see and hear.

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